Excerpted from “Bouncing Back”, by Frank LaRosa

When a financial advisor loses their job—for one of a variety of reasons—their most natural instinct is to be disheartened. And make no mistake: termination is a difficult situation. But for those willing to put in the practical and mental effort, it can be an opportunity to transform and elevate one’s career.

But in order to transcend their current situation, it is essential the advisor focus on three key strategic areas.

Managing mindset. The most important, and often overlooked, strategic imperative for a recently terminated advisor is managing mindset. Your state of mind influences everything from how you interact with former colleagues and clients, to potential new firm partners, to your energy level and ability to engage with your support structure of family and friends.

Note that managing your mindset does not mean forcing yourself to feel continually optimistic and positive. It is natural after a termination to have moments of significant misgiving and stress. But it is important—especially in the immediate aftermath of the event—not to panic but rather to employ emotional intelligence—a practice that involves managing your emotions instead of letting them manage you.

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