Frank LaRosa

A CEO with the Experience to Handle any Strategic Move

Frank LaRosa, chief executive  officer of Elite Consulting Partners and host of the top-rated podcast and YouTube Channel “Advisor Talk with Frank LaRosa”, has achieved a  distinguished career in financial services, spanning  more than 25 years. Frank is a sought-after industry leader whose expert opinion is frequently quoted in publications including Investment News, OnWallStreet, AdvisorHub, and Forbes Business Council. Frank began his career in  the business sector after graduating from Kean  University with a B.S. in marketing. His resume  includes financial advisor positions at Smith Barney  and Prudential Securities, as well as executive  director for Morgan Stanley. In 2011, Frank launched  his company Elite Consulting Partners, a transition  consulting firm with a unique, advisor-first approach  to recruiting, informed by Frank’s prominent  positions within the financial industry. Under Frank’s leadership, Elite Consulting Partners has become one of the most prominent, successful, and well-respected recruiting firms in the industry.

Elite Consulting Partners team of expert transition  professionals serves as consultant to leading  financial services industry advisors from across the  country, representing some of the industry’s most  notable firms, in order to assist them in effectively  securing the right new firm for their business and  their clients. Whether the advisor is interested in  transitioning to another broker-dealer, independent  broker-dealer, existing RIA, or starting their own  RIA, Elite Consulting Partners team ensures the  transition is executed with maximum success from  start to finish. 

Frank explains, “Elite Consulting Partners takes  an agnostic approach to how we help advisors  transition from one firm to another firm or platform.  We work with over 100 firms to find the best fit for  each individual advisor by not only focusing on  their financial needs but also the most synergistic  placement from a business culture and philosophy  standpoint”  

Ultimately, the goal is to find the best solution and  the right fit for each Elite client, so they never want  to make a move again. Frank adds that building  strong relationships is of essential importance in his  field, “We really get to know our advisors well and  become good friends.” 

By offering each client unparalleled service,  unbiased advice, and expert guidance, many of  Elite’s satisfied clients become an important source  of referrals and new business for the firm.

Founder/Chief Executive Officer
Business Consultant & Transition Expert