A CEO with the Experience to Handle any Strategic Move

Frank LaRosa

Frank LaRosa, CEO of Elite Consulting Partners, has achieved a position of prominence educating, guiding, and advising financial services professionals as a transition consultant and recruitment specialist. Informed by more than 20 years of financial services industry expertise, Frank offers a client-first approach to transition, putting into practice his extensive corporate and advisory wealth management business acumen. His insight and depth of resources give Elite Consulting Partners clients a decided advantage, insuring an optimally negotiated move that aligns with long-term business goals.

As one of the Nation’s top transition consultants, Frank knows first-hand how to guide you on your move, what challenges you may face, and how to ensure the best possible success at your new firm.  He has worked with some of the nation’s most sophisticated advisors, and has earned a reputation for fighting hard for his clients to get them the best result possible. Each client’s personal success and fulfillment is of foremost important to Frank and he proudly puts his expertise, knowledge, and skillful judgment to work to exceed their expectations and achieve the transition they not only want but deserve.

Founder/Chief Executive Officer
Business Consultant & Transition Expert