When On-Going Advice and Guidance is Paramount to Your Success

Retainer Fee Services

Financial advisors and independent RIA/Hybrid business owners are continually exploring options to enhance their client experience, gain greater knowledge of their practices, increase the value of their businesses, and achieve maximum growth. These areas of practice management continue to be areas of concern throughout the ever changing and increasingly complex financial services industry.

Elite Consulting Partners work with our advisor and business owner clients to explore various opportunities and best practices within the wirehouse, regional, independent, and RIA space to help them achieve their goals.

Due to an increased demand by our clients, and potential clients, we now offer our advice and guidance on a retainer fee basis. Many of our clients are looking for practice management guidance, team development training, best practice ideas, or unbiased guidance on the best platforms for them to move to. To deliver on this demand, we have developed a retainer fee program that will allow us to guide and consult with our clients on every area of their business including transitioning to a new platform or firm.

We provide services for the following areas:

How to Ensure You Have a Successful Transition

Deal Negotiations

Practice Management Coaching and Solutions

Advisor Branding

Team Structures and Development

Conflict Resolution Management

Merger and Acquisition Opportunities

Custodial/BD Platform Changes

Advisor Acquisitions Into Your Practice

Succession Planning and Opportunities

If your goal is to find the right firm or platform provider for your business, develop the proper business plan, stream-line your team and or group, create economic effeciencies in your business, then we can help you. As your business consultant, our goal is to help you find the solutions you are looking for to secure your vision of your future. With our president’s extensive experience as an Advisor, Branch Manager and Complex Director, you benefit from his knowledge and expertise to help you take your business—and your income–to new levels at a new firm.

Contact us today to learn more about how our retainer fee programs can work for you.