Work with the Best, Because Making a Move is a Serious Endeavor

Advisors on the Move

Financial advisors and RIA’s are always searching for ways to enhance their client experience, gain greater control of their practice, maximize the value of their business, and optimize their growth. These key challenges and frustrations continue to be voiced by wirehouse, independent, and RIA advisors alike while navigating a rapidly changing and increasingly complex industry environment.

We offer our advisor and corporate clients unparalleled service, unbiased advice, and expert guidance. We ensure our clients’ objectives and goals are realized during their due-diligence and transition process.

At Elite Consulting Partners, we believe that your needs and the needs of your clients are of utmost importance. Our company’s value is based upon our deep understanding of the current financial services climate as well as our relationships within the industry, including:

  • Independent financial advisory firms
  • Complex managers
  • Regional managers
  • Branch managers
  • In-house recruiting departments
  • OSJ’s/Super OSJ’s
  • Wirehouse senior management

As top recruiter and manager (OnWallStreet “Top 10 Manager” 2010), our president, Frank LaRosa, knows what needs to get done for your success when making a move. He will guide you through the process, help identify the best firm, negotiate a deal, and ensure your successful transition. With his vast industry experience, he will help you select the right firm and negotiate the best deal for you.

We Get You More Money

We can help make good deals better and better deals great. As your Agent, it’s easier and more comfortable for us to discuss the more sensitive issues and make requests for you. Our client firms have separate budgets that cover our fees. Your payout and deal are not affected in any way. Our corporate arrangements ensure you obtain the best possible deal for you and your family.

We Understand The Fine Print

We have a seasoned and unique understanding on what goes on behind the scenes. During your search and negotiations, we act as both your consultant and agent. We will make sure nothing gets left on the table. We will help close the move as soon as we are certain you’re getting everything you deserve. With Elite Consulting Partners on your side, you won’t lose focus on your existing business momentum. We’ll take the stress from the process so you can focus on your business or practice

We Are Your Advocate

You may know the local competitive manager. However, our firm has national agreements and strong relationships with Senior Management across the industry. This can help add value to your deal when the time comes. With our experience and knowledge, we can inform you on terms that a local manager may not be aware of. We also have the experience and knowledge to inform you when a deal or details of a deal may be problematic. As consultants, we are looking out for your best interests.

We Help Make Your Move A Success

We help you evaluate your potential opportunities in an objective manner based on your business, your professional goals, and your personal objectives. We help prepare you for the move with valuable advice from the successes of recruits that have moved in the past. As a consulting company, we offer valuable advice that will assist your move and benefit your success.

We Can Increase Your Business Value and Create Greater Competition For You

Being backed by a consulting firm gives you a strong foundation and edge. When we make your introduction, we suggest that you are merely considering options but would move to the right opportunity. We let the firm know you are looking at multiple options, seeking out the best deal. Competition gives you leverage over other advisors, drives up your value, and allows you the choice for the best deal.

Beyond The Transition

Our relationship with you doesn’t end once the transition is made. Our team will maintain ongoing contact to make sure the intricacies which follow any move to a new firm are handled smoothly, that you and your clients are satisfied with your transition, and that your business grows and thrives with your new firm partner.