A Strategic Partner for Your Strategic Move

Financial Advisor Services

Elite Consulting Partners consults with financial advisors to explore transition opportunities within the wirehouse, regional, independent, and registered investment advisor (RIA) platforms.

We offer unparalleled service, unbiased advice, and expert guidance to our advisor and corporate clients. We ensure our clients objectives and goals are realized during their due-diligence and transition process.

If your goal is to find the right firm or platform provider for your clients, your business and your family, then we can help you in your search. We work with some of the best firms in the industry: from wire-house firms to super-regionals, and regionals to independent platform firms. With this breadth of selection, we can ensure in finding the right fit for you.

Think of us as your agent. Our goal is to help you find the right firm that will allow you to secure your vision of your future. With our president’s extensive experience as an Advisor, Branch Manager, and Complex Director, you benefit from his knowledge and expertise to help you take your business—and your income–to new levels at a new firm.

Wire-House Advisors

As the landscape of the financial services industry continues to change, so do the firms that many advisors work for. More and more, advisors at large wire-house firms are reviewing their current situation to determine if their firm is the right place to be moving forward. At the same time, many advisors are considering alternative platforms like regional firms or independent firms.

Independent Advisors

Operating as an independent advisor has many positives attributes. However, as regulators have applied more pressure to the industry, firms have made it more difficult for their advisors to operate. Many independent firms are beginning to look and feel like wire-house firms. The regulations and oversight on communication and branding are just some of the areas that have been squeezed. We can help you find the BD/RIA that is right for you and your practice.


As an RIA or Hybrid RIA you’ve built a great business, and have provided your clients with unbiased advice. However, you may be feeling the pinch of increased regulations, and looking for a partner to help carry the load. As an RIA you may also be looking to monetize on your years of hard work, and may be considering another RIA or BD to partner with. Let us help you through the discovery process, find the right fit, and maximize your value when you decide to take action.

Thinking of Retirement

Your business is your greatest asset. So growing, protecting and planning a future for that asset is vital. To help you do all that and more, Elite’s Consulting team of experienced professionals will help you make the right choices when deciding to retire. We will make sure you recieve the right value for the business you built and entrust your clients to the firm that best meets their needs.

Recently Terminated Advisors

Many terminated advisors end up spinning their wheels, and wasting time working with firms that don’t understand the sensitive nature of the road ahead of you. We have the experience to guide you through the next chapter of your career. We understand the financial impact of being unemployed or “on the beach” can have on you and your family. It’s imperitive you limit the amount of down time you have in-between firms. We can guide you on the most appropriate course of action, and when it becomes necessary, bring in appropriate legal counsel.

Wire-House Outcast

You have spent years working for a firm through multiple up and down markets, and bad press about your firm, and now you feel under appreciated or unwelcome. Unfortunately, your current firm may no-longer appreciate your loyalty, and only cares about the amount of revenue you and your clients are bringing to the bottom line. We believe there are better places to go for an advisor like you. There are firms that will appreciate you and your business. Let us help you move to a firm that respects you and would be honored to have you as a business partner.