How does your compensation work?

We only get paid when you move firms. There are always different circumstances for fees with each company; however, this will not affect your compensation. In the case of firms themselves, recruiting fees do not impact individual advisor compensation and are allocated at the beginning of the year based on individual firm recruiting goals.

Why should I work with you instead of going directly to the firms myself?  

The depth of our industry relationships, our extensive internal research capabilities, and our adeptness in the art of negotiation afford us the ability to secure you the best and most competitive offer. We have a national team that works with advisors in all 50 states as well as with advisors who have clients that reside abroad.

Are you a broker dealer?  

No, we are a third-party consulting firm. Think of us as your agent to explore alternatives that will allow you to secure the best vision for your practice.

What kinds of firms do you represent?

We don’t represent a specific firm. Our vast relationships allow us to consult both advisors exploring a transition; be it in the wirehouse, regional, indpendent, or RIA space, as well as to assist firms themselves in securing the best advisors for their team.

My salary and compensation changed as an advisor – can you help me?  

I can’t help you at your current firm, but I can help you explore opportunities with an alternative firm for a better compensation package.

Can you help me find a successor for my practice?  

Yes. We have a business development team that specializes in the nuances of succession planning and can assist you in developing the strategy that secures you the best financial outcome while finding the right advisor for the continued success of your clients and practice.

The core of my clients are non-resident aliens, are there firms that will allow me to open international accounts?  

Yes. In fact, there are a wide variety of financial institutions servicing international clientele and we pride ourselves on knowing which firms embrace your business abroad.

I’ve already engaged other firms – can I still work with you?

Absolutely – our team is adept at assisting you in your transition wherever you are in the process though, depending on your existing contract with the firms you have already engaged, you may need to provide us written documentation that you are securing our services moving forward.

Do you work with investment banks?  

Yes. We handle a number of interests for investment banks including participation in a public offering or assisting in those interested in selling a business and work diligently to find the firms who meet the needs of your clients, staff, and practice as a whole.

I have an outside insurance business, would you be able to find me a broker-dealer or RIA that would allow me to keep that?

Yes though it will need to be disclosed. While many FAs are interested in this option, most firms have changed their models to not allow for this possibility. The good news is that we know of a few firms that have your best interest in mind and continue to let their advisors have an outside insurance business.

I have institutional clients, do you work with firms that have an institutional desk?

Institutional desks can be the core focus of your business or a by-product of great relationship building and there are many firms that have a separate and distinct service for your institutional clients.

My broker dealer charges me an override on the RIA that I own. What options are there for me?  

Yes, but there are very few firms that are able to operate on the thin margins given this scenario while still maintaining a high value.

My current RIA charges me a platform fee. Are there RIA’s that do not have platform, administrative, or underlying fees? 

Yes, we know of a handful of firms that fall into this category and can explore whether opportunities with those firms may be a good fit for your practice.