Work with Elite When Succession Planning or Consolidation is Important to You

 Selling a Broker-Dealer or RIA

Elite Consulting Partners serves as an intermediary to help facilitate the purchase, sale and/or merging of Broker-Dealers, Independent RIA’s and Advisory practices. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a Broker-Dealer, RIA, Individual practice, or just trying to find a new firm to move your practice to, we can help you achieve your goals. We will utilize our vast industry knowledge and resources to guide you through your due-diligence process.

We work with well capitalized broker-dealers who are interested in buying smaller broker-dealers, or taking over their back office operations. Due to some of the new DOL Rules we have seen a dramatic increased demand from smaller broker dealers considering a sale.

COST: We do not charge the SELLER for our services. The buyer pays our fee based on your firms total advisor revenue.

There are several reasons why a broker-dealer may consider a sale:
  1. Increased rules and regulations.
  2. Increased costs associated with running the broker dealer.
  3. Increased competition from larger broker-dealers.
  4. Decreased profit from running the broker-dealer with shrinking margins.
  5. Increased financial reporting.
  6. Taking time away from production.
  7. Owners desire to exit the business.
  8. Desire to outsource the compliance, legal, and clearing functions to another broker dealer.
  9. Broker Dealers originally formed for business lines (like M&A) where market has seen decreased demand.

We work with broker-dealers who would like to speak with you if you are considering selling your broker-dealer or just want to outsource your operations, compliance, and legal functions.

Please call us today or fill out the information on this page for a confidential discussion on how we can help you achieve your goals.

Individuals and Teams Looking to Sell or Merge

There are several reasons a financial advisors may consider selling his practice:
  1. Wanting to retire.
  2. Frustrated with increased regulations.
  3. No longer able to make adequate compensation due to increased costs.
  4. Increased competition from other advisory firms.
  5. The desire to find a suitor to continue to bring good service to your clients.
There are many things to consider when finding a potential buyer for your practice, which include:
  1. The valuation of your financial practice.
  2. How do you structure the deal once the price has been agreed on.
  3. The location of the buyer.
  4. How will the practice be converted over to the buyer?
  5. What is the reputation and FINRA track record of the buyer?
  6. What is the financial capability and credit worthiness of the buyer?
  7. How do you draw up the contract between the buyer and seller?

As you can see, there are many questions to be answered when selling your financial practice. Research needs to be done and due-diligence completed.

If you are either considering leaving the business or are nearing retirement, and would like to sell your practice, we would like to help you.

We can help you to evaluate the cost of your book and also make introductions to “buyers”. We will help you to do the due-diligence needed to complete the buy/sell arrangement. We have financial advisors and firms who are well capitalized and are interested in purchasing financial practices.

If you are considering selling your practice, we would love to speak with you.