By Frank LaRosa, CEO – Elite Consulting Partners, Excerpted from AdvisorHub

Every sports fan’s favorite weekend is upon us as Philadelphia and Kansas City gear up for an epic face-off at the Big Game. Highlights from the media coverage surrounding the event include the Kelce brothers match-up, a historic event in football history as never before have two brothers faced off on opposing teams in football’s most storied event. But what does any of this have to do with financial services? When you take a look at both Kelce brothers, how they have shaped their careers, and the resources they use to be successful, striking similarities can be drawn between their paths to success and a financial advisor’s journey to independence.

Consider this – while the Kelce brothers may be part of the same family, they are uniquely different in how they have both used the tools around them to achieve and reach this weekend’s game. This is not unlike financial advisors who decide to go independent. Advisors who choose independence have the opportunity to tap into a number of models and resources to support their practice and level of independence in the best way possible to fit their unique goals and entrepreneurial personality.

Take Jason Kelce for example. Jason has achieved in his football career by relying on Philadelphia’s team-oriented environment, creating a culture founded on work ethic and positivity, and applying team resources to improve his skills as both a player and a leader. This is not unlike the financial advisor who, when considering their options for independence, finds the level of resources offered through supported independence most appealing. Supported independence affords an advisor the opportunity to have the benefits of independence while relying on the tools provided by their firm partner to elevate their abilities. This includes everything from operational support, technology, marketing, and branding as instrumental assets that support an advisor in leading their practice while still focusing on the fundamentals of achieving for their clients.

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