I wish I had more time. How often have you said that to yourself – as it relates to your dealings with your clients, your business, and your life? Those parameters have been eliminated with the COVID-19 virus. The fact is, given self distancing and work from home measures, now you have the time you have wished for – although I am certain not as you would have liked or imagined. The question is, what will you do with it? 
In the past, to be successful in financial services, the edict was clear. Secure clients, achieve good returns, build your book of business, and thus forth you are successful. In the last two weeks, that model has been flipped upside down. The markets are a roller coaster ride, return levels you may have promised can no longer be assured, and your clients are scared. I am not here to rehash those stories. The media reports and your inbox are full of them. What I am here to do is offer you truth.
The fact is who you are in a crisis, such as COVID-19, is the benchmark of who you are, period. It is easy to be successful and accomplished when things are good. Being successful and accomplished when things are difficult is something else entirely. In the coming weeks, my goal is to be a resource during these difficult times, through my social media posts, my Industry Perspectives inquiries, and my podcast “Advisor Talk With Frank LaRosa‘. 
Emotional intelligence will be what wins the day as the financial services industry, and the rest of the world, confronts COVID-19. How you communicate with your clients and remain consistent with your business process, a topic I cover in depth in my podcast, are keys to stability during these uncertain times – as are your mindset as a business owner and your accountability to yourself and your family. Although my format for these Industry Perspectives articles may be different, my goal remains the same. To provide you actionable information to allow you to achieve and succeed as a financial advisor. I look forward to walking with you on this journey in the weeks ahead.