The growth of the independent model has been fueled by the passion for entrepreneurship held by the advisors themselves, who are attracted to the model for both its growth potential and advisor-first autonomy. This is something Desireé Sii, President and CEO of SagePoint Financial Inc., knows well and conveys as she shares her depth of expertise in a dynamic discussion with Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa in this episode of Advisor Talk.

Desireé herself was an advisor first and funneled her own dedication to entrepreneurship and leadership into an impressive career trajectory that has encompassed advisory, management, and executive roles at some of financial services most storied and impressive firms. 

Listen in as Frank and Desireé discuss key business drivers impacting advisor success today, among them:

*the SagePoint Financial Inc. and Advisor Group value propositions and the key market differentiators which set them apart in the industry. 

*why a firm’s commitment to capital investment is a vital component to overall advisor achievement and the importance of perpetually evolving technology, support services, and dedicated resources to foster advisor success.

*what the key trends are in advisor transitions, the advisor mentalities driving those moves, and the industry impacts.

*insights on how the industry can tap into the next generation of advisors and the importance of industry leaders approaching young advisors with a mentorship mindset.

The level of industry expertise held within the conversation between Frank and Desireé is immense and will give those advisors listening actionable information that they can put into play now which will pay dividends and grow their book of business. Bookmark this episode and refer to it again and again for its energetic, positive, and most decidely advisor-first focus.