There was a time in financial services when teams of advisor were the exception, but not anymore. More and more advisors are looking into team building as a way to achieve revenue growth and establish a succession strategy. Team building; however, can be rife with legal pitfalls if not established via a thoughtfully constructed and binding team agreement right from the outset.


In this episode of Advisor Talk, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa is once again joined by Brian Neville, Founding Partner of Lax & Neville, for a candid discussion which hones in on the enterprise value of teams and the strategic importance of having a team agreement in place to protect all advisors involved.


Topics covered in the conversation include:

*the particulars of what constitutes a team agreement and how the nuances of these agreements can differ from firm to firm.

*the important role varying advisor personalities can play in successful teams, how these same personality differences may lead to a team’s downfall, and how to manage this duality for successful team operation.

*evaluating key triggers that can result in team dissolution and why establishing a formulation for team operation and potential team dissolution is a necessary step required at the outset of any new team formation.

*the correlation between team agreements and transparent succession plans for the benefit of all parties involved.


Establishing advisory teams is where the puck is heading in financial services, and team agreements are a vital part of that process. It’s time for advisors considering the team opportunity to get honest with themselves about both the upside and downside of operating a team. Take advantage of the opportunity presented in this episode and listen as Frank and Brian offer the roadmap to capitalize on the benefits of advisory teams through the efficiencies and protections a team agreement provides.