If you are an advisor considering making a move, you undoubtedly have a wish list of the cultural, financial, and operational benefits you want your ideal firm partner to provide, In this episode of Advisor Talk, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa and President Dale Dempsey share the variety of ‘must-haves’ they hear regularly from transitioning advisors by using a fun take on the old-fashioned game of Mad Libs to convey the details.

Some of the key take-aways from Frank and Dale’s discussion include:
*the many ways firms provide capital to advisors and how to evaluate whether the offer you may be receiving is too good to be true.
*crypto currency and why some advisors are trending towards the opportunity as part of their must-have firm partner criteria.
*opportunity, technology, compliance, and the role all three play in the ‘you can’t do that’ versus ‘you can’t do that here’ conversation between advisors and their firm partners.
*lending as a catalyst for providing clients with profitable and impactful solutions.
*how the product, service, and pricing mix a firm offers affect an advisor’s decision to transition.

It is important to understand that there is an ideally suited firm partner for every advisor looking to make a move. It’s a matter of an advisor delineating the ‘need to haves’ versus the ‘want to haves’ on their wish list and then working with a consultant to find the right firm partner fit. Use this episode as your insider’s guide as Frank and Dale give a snapshot on just how impactful the informed counsel of consultants such as themselves can be for advisors considering their transition opportunities.