In the financial services industry, we naturally as professionals focus on the money. If you are an advisor considering making a move from W-2 to independence, you are most likely motivated by the financial upside. For any advisor, focusing on driving profits for your client and revenue for your practice are top of mind. 


However, focusing only on profit doesn’t provide the winning path to success. In this heartfelt episode of Advisor Talk, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa and President Dale Dempsey dive into why focusing on your purpose is the secret weapon to next level achievement.


Insights covered include:

  • clearly defining your purpose so all actions you take are aligned to that end.
  • how clearly defining your core values are essential to team building and company growth.
  • the duality between clear brand messaging and unified company action toward a goal.
  • why focusing only on the money is the worst mistake a transitioning advisor can make.

If you lead with purpose, everything else falls into place. This isn’t just a business lesson; it’s a life lesson and the advice Frank and Dale share prove transformative to every advisor willing to listen.