Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa is back from his mountain lion hunting trip and the perspectives he gained during the adventure provide amazing corollaries to a financial advisor’s hunt for the right firm partner. Listen as Frank discusses with Elite Consulting Partners President Dale Dempsey how the important takeaways from his own successful mountain lion hunt can prove instructive to every financial advisor.


Key themes of the conversation include:

*why relying on a consultant as your trusted guide can help you avoid missteps when making a move to a new firm.

*understanding that all consultants are not created equal and that finding the right guide for your transition to a new firm partner is key to success.

*how being receptive, listening, and learning throughout the due diligence process will ultimately realize the best transition deal and the right firm partner fit.

*why a proven process is the essential road map to navigating your transition.


A successful journey is only achieved by knowing the outcome you desire. This holds true in mountain lion hunting as well as in financial advisor transitions. The analogies Frank and Dale present in their dialog are instructive, insightful, and will serve every advisor well as they embark on their own hunt for the right firm partner.