LPL Financial’s Strategic Wealth Services model has achieved exponential growth with financial advisors who are looking to break-away and run their own practices within a supported independent framework. 


In this episode of Advisor Talk, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa welcomes Kimberly Sanders, Senior Vice President, Advisor Business Strategy, Strategic Wealth Services at LPL Financial for a conversation that offers listeners a true insider’s perspective on the ‘secret sauce’ behind the model’s success.


Get ready to take plenty of notes as Frank interviews Kimberly about:

*How LPL has scaled the Strategic Wealth Services model to provide the dedicated resources and support advisors need to continually level-up their practices.

*The compare and contrast benefits between LPL’s Strategic Wealth Services versus an advisor tucking into a larger OSJ.

*From the trenches stories about advisors currently a part of the LPL Strategic Wealth Services model and the tangible business impacts they are experiencing.

*The entrepreneurial DNA that makes a practitioner the right fit for the LPL Strategic Wealth Services model.


Frank and Kimberly offer up a deep-dive into just what makes LPL’s Strategic Wealth Services model tick. Advisors are certain to come away from this episode with plenty of food for thought on how the model’s construct could influence not only the growth of their own book of business but also the achievement of their personal goals and aspirations.