For advisors considering making a move to a new firm partner, approaching each transition opportunity comprehensively and relying on expert insight to guide the transition process are two vital elements to ensure the right firm partner fit.

In this episode of Advisor Talk, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa and President Dale Dempsey provide exactly that thought leadership, offering up a unique Q&A conversation to their listeners covering the most frequently asked questions they have received directly from advisors considering a transition to a new firm partner.

Key topics covered include:
*Detailed answers to the top two advisor questions – which firms do you work with and what firms are advisors moving to?
*The fundamental difference between a consultant and a recruiter as it relates to ensuring a successful transition.
*The transition process itself and how understanding an advisor’s life and career goals are paramount to achieve a successful move.
*Looking at transition deal negotiation as an art and evaluating the true economics behind the numbers being offered.

Listeners to this episode will walk away with a clear understanding of what successful advisor transitions entail, as well as why the process, evaluation, and insight Frank, Dale, and the Elite Consulting Partners team provide can serve as key differentiators in achieving that end.