There are more advisors transitioning than ever before and Q4 is a time ripe with lucrative financial deals for advisors making a move. Listen as Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa and COO Dale Dempsey discuss why firms are sharpening their pencils now with transition bonuses and financial deals at record levels and how financial advisors can capitalize on the opportunity.


Key insights Frank and Dale cover include:

*Why year-end AUM, head count, and other revenue targets drive the deal making decisions of firms during Q4.

*Using the insights of an informed recruiting consultant to evaluate and maximize the financial upside of a transition deal and ensure the firm partner you choose is the right one for you.

*The importance of transitioning the right way, regardless of the financial carrot being dangled.

*Predictions on how transition conditions in Q4 shift in the upcoming months of Q1.


If you are a financial advisor who has been considering making a move to a new firm partner, there is no better time than during Q4. Use this episode as your insider playbook on the why behind the financial upside and then choose to take action toward realizing the transition deal that could transform your career and practice.