We have an important message for advisors in private practice. There is untapped potential when it comes to leveraging relationships with CPAs. In fact, one of the best strategies private practice advisors can use for generating lead flow and potential new revenue streams is through the acquisition of a CPA practice. In this episode Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa and COO Dale Dempsey dive into a fast-paced discussion to open advisor’s minds to the untapped potential found with a CPA.


Key points from the conversation include:

*CPA acquisition as a client information and referral source.

*Structuring a CPA acquisition deal to provide additional revenue to the firm.

*Ways to open a dialog for potential acquisition with prospective CPA partners.

*CPA leads as a ‘carrot’ when recruiting new talent to your firm.


For the right firm with the right attributes, the upside of a CPA acquisition can be huge. For the entrepreneurial advisor looking to generate new growth for their practice, taking the time to analyze the possibilities a CPA acquisition presents should be an imperative. Afterall, growth and evolution require new thinking. It’s time to look beyond the traditional to achieve maximum potential for your practice.