The shift of advisors moving to the RIA space and away from the W-2, Hybrid, or even IBD space, has reached unprecedented proportions. Why this shift is occurring and how it will revolutionize the financial services industry in the years to come is the basis for the discussion between Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa, and President and CSO of Continuum Advisory LLC Nathan Stibbs.

Learn from these two industry insiders what makes the RIA space so compelling to advisors today, including:
*RIA model growth as a direct corollary between the commoditization of the Broker-Dealer channel and the contrasting advisor need for dynamic, entrepreneurial opportunity.
* The ability of the RIA model to maximize scalability through improved resources and technology that facilitate quantum growth potential for an advisor and their practice.
*The role custodians will play in advancing new models in the RIA space and who the major players will be.

Advisors in the financial services industry of today want to be quicker, faster, and deliver their clients the best experience possible, while simultaneously achieving their own personal and practice goals. This discussion between Frank and Nate serves as a wake-up call that the way to achieve that vision is to treat your practice as an enterprise and the RIA model as an accelerator to drive value, scale, and efficiency.