In this week’s episode of Advisor Talk, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa takes his podcast on the road and shares his candid and insightful viewpoint on the latest news impacting advisors in the financial services industry.

Frank’s discussion is broad-ranging and includes topics such as:
*What exactly is going on at Merrill Lynch and the negative impacts of their private banking strategies which are causing their large advisor teams to leave in droves.
*The upwards of 2x greater income potential for an independent vs. W-2 advisor, with a detailed crunch of the numbers that prove this monumental financial upside no matter how you slice it.
*How firms can optimize their business structure to achieve greater scale and empower their advisors to provide a higher level of service to clients.

Frank’s conversation is real and raw. His informed take and concise analysis of the most important trends in financial services leave the listener with actionable insight and illustrate why he is regarded for his position as an industry thought leader.