If you take the time to consider the one trait every successful entrepreneur has in common, you inevitably arrive at the simplest of answers – Faith. Faith means different things to different people. It can represent a higher power or the universe but ultimately it reflects a belief system that a greater good is working on your behalf. In this episode, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa is joined by business and success writer, speaker, and former pastor Vaughn Kohler for an energetic and dynamic conversation that explores the dimensions of Faith and its resounding impact on life, business and entrepreneurship.


 Topics covered during Frank and Vaughn’s discussion include:
*Faith as a transformational tool during times of difficulty in one’s life, be they personal or professional obstacles.
*Sacred Drive and Faith as Core Values and power sources for a wholehearted approach to business and living.
*Letting go of ego to achieve peace and learn the lessons necessary to achieve positive ambitions.
*The importance of a success and growth-oriented mindset focused on excellence in service to the greater good. 

The dialogue between Frank and Vaughn is forthright and educational. Learn directly from these two values-based entrepreneurs and leaders on how to enlist Faith in your own life and bear witness to the ripple effect of positivity, meaning, and growth it fosters