For advisors considering a transition, many factors come into play as they navigate that decision. From industry trends to their own goals and vision for their practice, advisor’s need to consider every angle in order to ensure they find the right firm partner fit for their long-term business vision. In this episode, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa is joined by Regional Market Manager and Senior Transition Consultant Scott Breault, who puts his industry expertise to work by providing key insights for advisors considering making a move.


Topics discussed include:

*How Scott’s industry experience and wholesale background inform his role as a transition consultant.

*What the narrowing of the wholesale space signifies and how the wholesale field is changing within the financial services industry.

*The economic and strategic upside of current transition opportunities, particularly from the wirehouse to independent space.

*The daily rituals and processes utilized by the most successful advisors to continually build momentum for their practice.


The conversation between Frank and Scott taps into their combined more than five decades of experience and provides advisors with important takeaways on industry trends, the details of which offer up a unique and positive value proposition that, when put into action, can provide positive impact now for advisors and their practices.