The best business relationships don’t just happen, they are built upon years of common philosophy, networking, goals, and achievement. One such relationship that certainly fits that bill – and more – is that between Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa and his new Head of Business Development Kevin Frank, who joins in for this episode. Frank and Kevin have more than two decades of friendship and camaraderie behind them. Their collaborations early in their careers resulted in achievement and their vision for the future of financial services informs their actions in the now at Elite Consulting Partners. Join Frank and Kevin as they discuss the financial services industry, their unique philosophy on recruiting, and their shared purpose of realizing advisor hopes and dreams.

Specific topics covered include:
*how Kevin’s career in the wholesaler space uniquely positioned him for achievement in recruiting, most recently at Cetera and now at Elite Consulting Partners.
*the power of engagement through questioning and listening and how these skill sets result in successful recruiting relationships between the consultant and advisor.
*understanding that there is no ‘one size fits all’ method to advisor recruiting and that building relationships with advisors founded on trust result in career decisions that are rewarding and fulfilling.

The conversation between Frank and Kevin is candid and their enthusiasm for the financial services industry and what recruiting can achieve for advisors is infectious. Listeners can be assured to tap into that same energy and ambition while taking away a new understanding that the opportunity is now for advisors considering their options for their future.