In this special episode, Frank LaRosa shares his HubTalk presentation from AdvisorHub’s First National Virtual Summit “Industry in Transition”. As Frank discusses during his candid assessment of where the financial services industry is now and where it is going, the impact of COVID-19 can most be seen in the W-2 space where advisors, who now are working from home, have gotten a taste of what it means to be independent – albeit without the financial upside.

For those W-2 advisors who may now be considering whether independence is right for them, Frank offers insight on how to evaluate whether it is time to transition. Strategies Frank outlines include:

  • evaluating whether your firm partner is helping or hindering your practice’s growth.
  • the importance of using this time to gather client assets and uplevel your business.
  • how embracing technology can boost your efficiency.
  • social media as a key marketing differentiator for today’s financial advisor.
  • utilizing a transition consultant to help you filter the noise and make the next right move for you.
  • the financial upside of going independent.

It’s time for W-2 advisors to play to win and not settle for the status quo as defined by their firm partner. Listen to this episode, gather your thoughts, and take the decisive action that will drive your career forward.