Year-end is always a time of financial maneuvering in the financial services industry, particularly at larger firms. As Frank LaRosa, Elite Consulting Partners CEO, shares in this episode during his conversation with his COO Dale Dempsey, it seems firms just can’t help themselves from making changes this time of year. In particular, this year’s financial shenanigans by firms may prove particularly interesting given the COVID-19 crisis smoke screen that firms have to fall back on as an excuse. Join Frank and Dale, as they put their collective expertise to work and future-cast what they believe advisors can expect in the month ahead at their own firms and ultimately, how those changes will impact advisor futures.

Specific topics covered include:*how the Wells Fargo 401K announcement fiasco exposes the underbelly of how somes large firms approach cost-saving measures.*what advisors need to be aware of when it comes to the behind-the-scenes activities of their firm’s cost-cutting efforts.*the impact comp plan changes have on future advisor moves and how deferred compensation can impact a firm’s comp grid decision making process.

In the end it is up to every advisor to not leave their future in the hands of their firm, but to do their own due diligence and analyze 2020 for themselves. Did your practice meet the goals you set for yourself this year? Was your firm supportive in your efforts? These are questions only you can answer to determine if your firm partner is right for you and then choose your path forward – and the topics discussed in this episode are here to help you.