The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed financial services and understanding where the industry was, where it is now, and where it is going will be vital to creating a new playbook for success. In an insightful and dynamic discussion, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa is joined by Adam Antoniades, CEO of Cetera Financial Group, to address head-on how leadership and strategic direction can foster growth and achievement in the wake of the most recent crisis.

Learn directly from these industry leaders how:
1) positioning the independent advisor as a small business owner and providing the necessary support systems for achievement fosters business and financial growth.
2) utilizing technology as a communication, business efficiency, and lead generation tool can be transformative to firm processes.
3) Genstar and Cetera aligned their firm vision by establishing a growth playbook focused on strategic evolution.
4) developing advisor models focused on both advisor needs and an overall growth agenda will lead the industry to future success.

The time for learning and challenging ourselves within the industry has never been more vital in order to move the needle forward. In the spirit of education and keeping the conversation going, listeners of this episode have a special opportunity to do just that. Visit  to request your free copy of the Cetera Financial Group Whitepaper “The Best Way To Ask For Referrals” and let’s all keep growing together.