As firms, advisors, and clients come to grips with the new financial services landscape of the post COVID-19 world, it is important to recognize that with skillful planning, business management practices, and an eye to the future there is the potential for great opportunity and upside in the industry. In a broad ranging discussion that focuses on just such optimism, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa is joined by Manish Dave, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Ameriprise Financial, capitalizing on both of their experiences as financial services thought leaders in order to chart a path forward.

Key take-aways from the conversation include:
* the importance of both technology and its integration in successfully evolving a financial services firm.
* why the availability of multiple business models is key to advisor success.
* how thoughtfully executed recruiting and transition strategies benefit the firm, the advisor, and the client.
* the vital component succession planning plays in an advisor’s long-term strategy.

By putting these insights into practice, advisors and firms alike will come away with a better understanding of where the financial services industry has been, what opportunities for success can be discovered, and how a long-term vision based on forward-thinking action can be achieved.