Communicating with clients successfully is a business fundamental for every financial advisor, but very few advisors get it right – putting them at risk for having existing clients lured away and the funnel of new prospects drying up. In this episode, Stop complaining and get to work is the challenge Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa makes as he outlines the key communication strategies that work to engage new clients and retain existing ones while simultaneously forging the much necessary advisor-client bond. 

Learn  how to:
* use social media and other digital communication to connect with prospects as an individual.
* develop unique content so that you stand out from the rest of the pack.
* handle the communications constraints prevalent at many wirehouse and other W-2 firms.*maximize the scale of your client communications through strategic use of available technologies.

The fact is, when it comes to client communications the power is in the hands of the advisor. It’s time to move past the excuses on why client communication isn’t working and use the knowledge Frank shares in this episode to put in place the communications strategies that will get you noticed.