Financial services as an industry has traditionally approached a crisis situation as an opportunity for re-evaluation in order to maximize business efficiencies and minimize expenses. That is certainly the case now as many large firms are reconsidering the advisor-client interactions of their teams and are floating about the idea of using virtual technology as a communications efficiency and cost-cutting measure. Not so fast, says Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa who discusses the pitfalls of a tech-only approach with his COO Dale Dempsey. 

Fundamentally speaking, the advisor-client relationship is simply that – a relationship. In order to be a solid relationship, the deep roots planted through face-to-face meetings with clients cannot be discounted. While virtual technology is certainly a tool to use to enhance communication, it is not a replacement for the importance of in-person meetings in solidifying the advisor-client relationship.

Use Frank’s guidance to learn how to:
1) Build client relationships that lasts through effectively mixing traditional and virtual communications techniques.
2) Gain a ‘big-picture’ view by using non-verbal clues in client interactions to your advantage.
3) Create a structure to your client communications that provides real results for growing your book of business.

If you are an advisor who has considered a virtual, tech-only approach for your practice, take this opportunity to listen and learn from the experts. By putting in the extra effort and accountability that comes with traditional communications techniques, advisors set their practice up for the long-term success that only truly collaborating with a client can provide.