During choppy markets, many advisors get the impression that firms shy away from handing out lucrative transition deals, but this couldn’t be any further from the truth. In today’s Behind the Wheel episode of Advisor Talk, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa breaks down how current market conditions translate into improved transition prospects for advisors.

Topics discussed include:

*The precise reasons why advisors looking to make a transition are in the power position when it comes to recruiting deals.

*How some firms utilize retirement plans to keep advisors from leaving, and how this gives advisors a false impression as to the state of the transition market. 

*A detailed explanation of why going independent gives advisors the upper hand.

*Recruiting from the firm perspective during choppy markets and why it proves to be the go-to remedy for combating market conditions. 

Use the lessons learned in this episode, apply them to your own situation, and then analyze whether current markets, combined with making a move, could prove advantageous to you and your practice. It is a season of opportunity for advisors and how you capitalize on it is in your hands!