Independent advisors are in the perfect position to elevate their practices to the next level, particularly when employing strategies focused on optimized and strategic growth. In today’s episode of Advisor Talk, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa has a dynamic conversation with Private Advisor Group Co-Founder and Executive Chair, Pat Sullivan, and CEO, Frank Smith, on just that topic.

Together, the trio discuss in depth the ‘why’ behind the Private Advisor Group value proposition, and how putting advisors and their needs first has proven itself to be fundamental to the firm’s legacy of industry success.

Topics discussed include:

*Private Advisor Group’s rich history as a firm and how they have redefined the meaning of advisor independence.

*A breakdown of the cutting-edge processes, systems, and values sets that serve as a separator for Private Advisor Group within the financial services industry.

*Private Advisor Group’s emphasis on aligning their own “life cycle” with that of the advisor, and the success benefits of this strategy.

*Why boosting short-term practice valuation is advantageous for an advisor and fosters sustained, long-term growth.

This episode presents an extraordinary opportunity as it is a true look behind the curtain of one of financial services’ most storied and recognizable firms. From strategic direction to new perspectives on advisor independence, listeners will come away from this episode enriched with the knowledge of three of the industry’s most esteemed thought leaders.