As the trend of advisor moves to independence remains dominant in the industry, firms have responded to the call by developing a spectrum of models which provide tools, support, and resources to meet the advisor where they are at in terms of their goals for practice growth. One such model is the LPL Strategic Wealth Services offering, which continues to gain notice in the industry. In today’s episode of Advisor Talk, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa discusses with Kimberly Sanders, Senior Vice President of Business Development, Strategic Wealth Services at LPL Financial about how the Strategic Wealth Services model has evolved and the positive impacts it has realized for advisors utilizing its capabilities. 

Topics discussed include:

*Breaking news on the launch of the Strategic Wealth Services Hybrid model, its industry impacts, and benefits to advisors.

*A breakdown of the advisor-first approach that is at the heart of the Strategic Wealth Services model.

*The importance of Transition Assistance as a key differentiator in LPL’s Strategic Wealth Services model.

*An explanation of the “pod” concept, and how its utilization creates scalability within practices. 

*A recap of recent market trends that are affecting the state of advisor transitions towards independent and hybrid models.

* From-the-trenches stories about advisors currently utilizing LPL Financial’s Strategic Wealth Services model and the tangible business impacts they are experiencing.

The conversation between Frank and Kimberly is both fast-paced and insightful. Advisors are certain to come away from this episode with plenty of food for thought about LPL’s Strategic Wealth Services model and how it could influence their own book of business.