Financial advisors and entrepreneurs alike, it’s time to buckle your seatbelts for this fast-paced episode of Advisor Talk as Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa is joined by Leadership Expert/Trainer, Author, and Retired US Navy SEAL Stephen Drum for a conversation that focuses in on what it means to be a successful leader.

This episode is packed with stories from Stephen’s US Navy SEAL career, each drawing a direct correlation for listeners as to how the lessons Stephen learned during his time in service are applicable in today’s business environment.

Among the topics discussed:

*Motivational and leadership techniques that ensure maximum organizational efficiency.

*Planning for the uncomfortable when you are comfortable to achieve future success.

*Psychological and mindset hacks that optimize leadership performance.

*How leading by example is the only way to lead.

Frank and Stephen offer key strategies that business owners need to hear. Listen with intent, and then take the important step of putting Frank and Stephen’s insights into action to level-up your own personal and professional results.