For the independent financial advisor establishing an enterprise, navigating the complexities of business leadership as you build out your team is paramount. In this episode of Advisor Talk, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa has his listeners join him for a ‘behind the wheel’ conversation covering this important topic. The lessons Frank discusses are personal as he draws on his own expertise as an entrepreneur, while sharing the insights he has applied to creating a work environment for his employees focused on a culture of success.

Key points that Frank conveys include:

*The responsibility of protecting the culture of your organization.

*Why Core Values are important and knowing how to hire against them.

*The financial imperative of building out the right team and how this impacts scalability for any organization.

*When to accept its time for you and an employee to part ways.

*The leadership skills you can utilize now as a business owner to create an environment where your employees thrive.

Being a successful business owner means more than just turning a profit, you need to be a positive leader that can make the tough decisions for the holistic good of your company. Listen closely and tap into the guidance Frank imparts on how he has cultivated his own entrepreneurial leadership and how you can do the same.