When considering the opportunities independence offers, advisors need to evaluate where their practice is now, what goals they want to achieve for growth in the future, and the resources it will take to yield those results. In this episode of Advisor Talk, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa sits down with Nate Lenz, CEO and Co-Founder of Concurrent, for a dynamic conversation that covers how firms are answering this call for support, the resources which have the most practice impact, and how Concurrent has structured their advisor support offering to provide a compelling solution for next-level practice growth.

Among the many topics covered by Frank and Nate are:

* Nate Lenz’s unique financial services perspective and how those insights informed Concurrent’s model.

* A ‘behind the scenes’ take on Concurrent and the firm’s methodology which looks beyond production alone to support advisors in growing their practices.

* Why allowing advisors to maintain their identity, while still providing them with scalability, is proving to be the solution that many advisors are looking for.

* The effect that market turbulence has on current advisor transition deals and an analysis of what those trends mean for the industry.

The flexibility of independence has been a game changer and advisors interested in building an enterprise are strategically evaluating which resources can be put to work to foster the practice achievement they seek. Frank and Nate’s conversation will be an eye-opener for every advisor with a growth mindset and will undoubtedly spur listeners to strategic action as to how they leverage for scalability in their own practices.