The trend towards advisor independence isn’t slowing, yet how independence is defined is taking on decided shifts. To meet advisors where they are at with their practice needs and entrepreneurial aspirations, firms are providing a spectrum of independent options that address varying styles of advisor autonomy. In this episode of Advisor Talk, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa is joined by Vince Fertitta, President of Wealth Management, Sanctuary Wealth, for a conversation that focuses on supported independence, why so many advisors are gravitating to the model, the resources it affords, and how it can serve as a catalyst for practice growth.

Among the many topics Frank and Vince cover are:

*How Vince’s decades of experience in the wirehouse space led him to a career championing supported independence.

*The current state of financial advisor recruiting, its industry impacts, and what trends will influence advisor transitions in the coming months.

*The Sanctuary Wealth value proposition and the key differentiators of the firm’s supported independence offering.

*The importance of having a strong online presence and how supported independence bolsters an advisor’s marketing prowess.

*How Sanctuary Wealth has used strategic talent acquisition to strengthen its firm position.

The detailed analysis and expertise showcased by Frank and Vince in this episode are immense. If you are a financial advisor who is ready to take your practice to the next level, consider this a masterclass in learning whether supported independence is the right fit for you.