The transformation, change, and growth that advisor moves to independence has fostered within the financial services industry is undeniable. In this episode of Advisor Talk, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa is joined by fellow industry veteran and thought leader Ed Harrington, Oppenheimer’s Executive Vice President – Private Client Division, for a conversation that evaluates and applies the lessons and opportunities found within that trend. Informed through the lens of the Oppenheimer legacy, the subjects covered by Frank and Ed are both informative and insightful.

Key topics of the discussion include:

*Current industry trends affecting advisor moves to independence and how Oppenheimer has uniquely positioned themselves to provide advisors structured independence within a boutique firm experience.

*The Oppenheimer story including a journey through the firm’s distinguished history and its present successes as a leading global capital markets firm.

*How Oppenheimer utilizes their technology stack as a tool that elevates client experience while providing advisors with the resources to get their job done.

*The importance of establishing an accountable, top-down leadership approach to manage and attract advisory talent.

*The concept of ‘better’ and the incremental actions advisors can take every day to improve practice performance.

As Ed expresses during the episode, radical transparency is at the heart of the Oppenheimer bespoke journey for its advisors. Get ready for a dialogue full of that same radical transparency as Frank and Ed pull back the curtain on one of the most storied firms in financial service history.