Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa is back from an elk hunting trip to Colorado, and he is bringing with him lessons that strike strong parallels between an advisor’s transition journey to find the right firm partner and a hunter’s own mental and physical journey when on the quest for their prey. Listen in to this episode of Advisor Talk, as Frank offers up a straightforward, direct conversation with his listeners about the insights he gained while in pursuit of his Elk quarry and how those same observations can be utilized by advisors considering their transition opportunities.

Key takeaways Frank shares include:

*Why both hunters and advisors need to trust their gut instincts when analyzing opportunities and evaluating their options.

*Creating habits and rituals that result in preparedness that allow you to capitalize when the right opportunity comes along.

*Why details matter and how to amass small wins to achieve ultimate success.

*How to read the landscape to fully understand the situation you are confronting and conceptualize a game plan to move forward.

*The reasons you need a professional guide to offer advice, inform your decisions, and champion your success.

The corollaries between hunting and advisor transitions are unmistakable. Tap into the resources of this episode to create your own winning methodology and achieve victory in your hunt for the optimal transition to the right firm partner.