If you are a financial advisor who is planning on making a move in 2023 – or even if you are an advisor who is just thinking about what a transition opportunity could mean for your career and practice – it is time to shift your mindset and begin taking the small actions now that will reap big rewards when you do choose to make a move to a new firm partner. In this episode of Advisor Talk, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa and President Dale Dempsey put their vast transition consulting expertise to work for their listeners by laying out the planning, strategies, and processes transitioning advisors need to enact now to actualize a move that is successful at every level.

Insights and tactics shared by Frank and Dale include:

*Leveling up client interactions and solidifying relationships prior to making a move to increase the success and ease of transitioning your book of business.

*Leveraging choppy markets to establish your thought leadership and industry expertise with clients.

*The importance of treating you existing support team like clients and engaging them in the excitement of the transition process.

*Communicating your transition with the right message,  the right way, and at the right time, not just with clients but also your personal support system of family and friends.

*Why your own legal counsel is imperative to following the appropriate policies and procedures when making a move.

Putting your clients and team at the forefront of your thought process when making a move isn’t just a good idea – it’s non-negotiable to achieve a successful transition. Over communicating is fundamental. Use the lessons Frank and Dale share and start evaluating now where you need to implement the subtle shifts that will skyrocket your transition success when you are ready to make a move.