Action versus results – mastering this paradigm is the secret sauce to establishing a high-performance practice. But what steps do you need to take and what analysis do you need to do to realize that vision? In this episode of Advisor Talk, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa and President Dale Dempsey drill down on why advisors should view Q4 as a planning and analytical opportunity, while outlining the specific strategies that serve as the blueprint for results that achieve end of year success that will pay it forward for ongoing success in 2023.

Insights shared by Frank and Dale include:

*How to establish KPIs and then implement an effective review and accountability process for those measurables to clarify where your business stands now and future-cast where your business is going.

*The intelligence of aligning action and activity to achieve desired outcomes and committing to putting in the effort it takes to actualize success.

*Understanding the difference between strategic planning and over-analyzing and applying that knowledge to create an effective and achievable plan for the months ahead.

*The changing metrics of firm financials in Q4 and how and advisor can prepare now to meet evolving benchmarks related to compensation.

*Streamlining process while doubling down on client communications to create scalable efficiencies that will last.

The Q4 guidance provided by Frank and Dale offers clarity on the action steps every advisor needs to take now to create efficiencies, crystalize goals, and optimize vision for their practice. Take the first action step toward that goal-oriented future by listening to this episode and then put into practice the lessons shared and enjoy a purposeful and profitable Q4 and 2023 for your practice!