Whether you are an independent advisor, or an advisor considering independence as an option, it’s time to settle in and get ready to take notes as you listen to one of the most insightful episodes of Advisor Talk to date. Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa is joined by Jeff Concepcion, Founder & CEO of Stratos Wealth Partners, for a thoughtful and highly intelligent discussion that evaluates the state of independence and provides the thoughtful leadership and entrepreneurial strategies that can accelerate an advisor’s practice growth exponentially.

Key discussion points covered by Frank and Jeff include:

*A look under the hood at Stratos Wealth Partners operational philosophy and the key differentiators that have made the firm’s Hybrid RIA model so successful.

*The levels of infrastructure and support advisors require to go independent with confidence and the technology and processes that prove key to increasing operational capacity.

*An analysis of the leadership paradigm of independence and the entrepreneurial strategies that establish independent advisors and their practices for success.

*Setting the foundation for scalable growth, client retention, and ROI by creating business operations strategies focused on practice management efficiency.

*Building high performance teams and the leadership keys that attract and retain the best industry talent.

*Forecasting the months ahead in financial services and the impact market volatility will have on independent advisors and their mindset.

The mind-blowing level of entrepreneurial and leadership insight of this episode will have every advisor who listens eager to next level their personal and professional performance. At the conversation’s heart, Frank and Jeff challenge the listener to take a hard look at what they are trying to build when it comes to their practice. If the answer is a practice that has value and a unique story to tell, Frank and Jeff are here with the roadmap to make that vision possible.