Success isn’t achieved overnight and comes through repetitive diligence and hard work. This axiom has been a part of business for a long time but has never been more crystalized than in the training of Ed Mylett, one of the most prominent leadership and mindset strategists in the nation and best-selling author of “The Power of One More”. Ed is both friend and mentor to Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa and in this episode of Advisor Talk, Frank shares Ed’s teachings on the Pinata Effect and the benefits of Compound Pounding your effort on key goals.

Through a dialog that is both practical and insightful, Frank and Elite Consulting Partners President Dale Dempsey break the Compound Pounding concept down into tangible action for financial advisors and share tactical insight into how repetitive and consistent business action can reap tangible and scalable practice performance long term.

Topics covered in the conversation include:

*An analysis of the Ed Mylett’s Pinata Effect metaphor and how it applies to financial advisors and their practices.

*Specific business actions where an advisor can apply Compound Pounding strategy to level-up client retention, referrals, and overall practice performance.

*Managing timeline expectations and understanding that performance and success is a long game that requires continued effort.

*Mindset hacks that foster sustained, long-term effort and open the doors to new revenue streams and practice achievement.

*Frank and Dale’s personal, first-hand experiences on how they have utilized the Compound Pounding strategy in their own lives and the professional rewards they have personally experienced.

As Frank and Dale highlight, success and achievement come through repeated effort. What’s more, understanding that this effort must be made consistently over time is directly correlated to ultimate success. Use this episode as both reminder and motivator to put into work now the replicable daily actions and processes that will most effectively achieve the results you seek – both within your practice and your life.