The LPL Linsco model has caused many in the financial services industry to stand up and take notice. Linsco was launched within LPL’s Independent Employee Channel as an alternative for advisors seeking the security of a W-2 employee situation yet still craving the autonomy and flexibility found within independence.

In this episode of Advisor Talk, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa and President Dale Dempsey are joined by Clare Kiesel, Senior Vice President, Business Development, LPL Independent Employee Channel, for a conversation that goes beyond surface level and peels back the current on the specifics behind the LPL Linsco model, why advisors are gravitating to the option, and how the model has recalibrated the perception and benefits of an employee model within financial services.

Topics covered by Frank, Dale, and Clare include:

*An overview of LPL Linsco and the specifics behind the model’s value proposition.

*A deep dive into the advisor benefits found within LPL Linsco and how the model’s service offering adds value to an advisor’s practice.

*How brand development and advisor specific marketing and technology support differentiate the LPL Linsco model from traditional W2 models found at wirehouse firms.

*The leadership philosophy behind the LPL Linso model and how the channel’s management team measures success for themselves and their advisors.

*Key separators between Linsco and other models available to advisors including the top trends behind why advisors choose LPL Linsco over other independent and W-2 options.

As Clare shares with Frank and Dale, LPL Linsco’s goal is to put the most important resources necessary for practice success at the fingertips of advisors while simultaneously offering them the structure of the W-2 construct and the key benefits often associated with independence. Use this episode to learn directly from the source about LPL Linsco and the model’s impressive industry impacts.