Social media isn’t just for entertainment – the technology behind these platforms offers an amazingly effective way to increase brand awareness and client retention. And yet, many financial advisors do not tap into this vast resource primarily due to preconceived notions about the benefits of social media to practice performance. Get ready to have those mindset myths on social media dispelled for good!

In this episode of Advisor Talk, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa and President Dale Dempsey broadcast their first episode from the new Advisor Talk podcast studio and offer specific insights that will get listeners excited to revolutionize their businesses through social marketing strategies.

Key topics covered by Frank and Dale include:

*Establishing your brand identity by crafting a social media voice that serves as the foundation for content creation.

*Defining your goals for social media and creating a conversion pipeline that leads from social media engagement to revenue.

*Understanding client communications and prospecting protocols on both the firm and regulatory levels.

*The pros and cons of each of the social media platforms and specific content posting guidance advisors can enact now to accelerate brand recognition.

*Why showing your personality through social media is the game changer that can drive client acquisition and retention simultaneously.

An effective social media strategy should be considered a must-have component of every financial advisor’s practice as its impact on brand presence and scalable success are undeniable. If you are an advisor who is interested in developing a client base that knows no geographic boundaries while creating not just an image but a legacy for yourself and your practice – then social media is the place you need to be. Use this episode as the foundation of your social media journey to chart the right path forward to transformative marketing and brand awareness!