With ongoing market volatility becoming the order of the day, it has become necessary for firms to pivot their thinking and shore up their positions before year end. Given it is foreseeable that the market will slow even further, firms are making the wise and proactive move to take the recent influx of revenue resulting from rising interest rates and reinvest it into stepping up their recruiting activities. Recruiting is a proven and expedient way for firms to essentially buy assets and boost the bottom line.

So, what does this mean for advisors? It puts advisors in the driver’s seat as Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa explains from his own driver’s seat behind the wheel of his new Ferrari in this special edition of the Advisor Talk podcast. Listen as Frank breaks down why the recruiting market is so hot right now and how advisors can capitalize on the incredibly lucrative deals being offered.

Topics covered include:

*The industry trends defining why so many firms are ramping up recruiting and the down market impetus driving those trends.

*A breakdown of how these asset-based deals are being structured and which options are proving strategically advantageous to advisors.

*Considerations advisors need to make when evaluating a transition deal beyond the compelling finances including resources, advisor support, and technology.

*Why working with a transition consultant will garner the best results and most aligned firm partner fit for an advisor.

The bidding war to secure the best and brightest advisory talent is on. Use this episode of Advisor Talk to consider the right options for your practice and career and then take action. The time for advisors to seize the opportunity is now!