The impact of efficient business processes on a financial advisor’s practice and personal success is profound. And yet, many advisors do not capitalize on that opportunity due to lack of strategic direction as to which tactics will streamline and optimize operational capabilities. Get ready to move past that barrier as, in this episode of Advisor Talk, Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa is joined by Kate Guillen, Founder and Lead Coach of Simplicity Operations Management, for a detailed discussion on the why and how behind creating systemic business processes to drive higher levels of practice performance.

Key topics covered in the conversation include:

*The top automation strategies financial advisors need to employ now that have the most substantial and positive practice impact.

*Simplifying and replicating efficient business processes as the foundation for sustainable business growth and increased profit.

*How financial advisors can use process and planning tools to create replicable efficiencies that create a high-touch client experience.

*Fostering time efficiencies and enabling higher levels of productivity using cohesive business planning technologies and integrated systems.

*Why established business processes can prove to be a key driver in business valuations for potential succession and M&A opportunities.

The tactics offered in the conversation between Frank and Kate prove both practical and effective and their message is clear. By establishing competencies, setting priorities, and aligning expectations within business processes, advisors will set the firm foundation for ongoing practice success. Every financial advisor listening should tap into the specific tips and tools presented now and level up their own practice achievement in an immediate and tangible way.