If you have a desire to excel in your life and perform at a high level, be it personal or professional, then this episode of the Advisor Talk with Frank LaRosa podcast is for you! Get ready for a profound and powerful conversation as Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa is joined by Alan Stein Jr. for a discussion that offers proven processes which optimize peak performance to create a life of meaning and fulfillment.

Alan Stein Jr. is a powerhouse of information and expertise. He is the best-selling author of the books Raise Your Game and Sustain Your Game and has become a sought-after speaker for his spirited and actionable mindset training. Alan has worked with some of the most recognized top athletic performers in the world, among them Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, and Stephen Curry. Now is your chance to learn directly from a master in success training as Alan translates his techniques into strategies meant to directly impact the personal and professional success of financial advisors.

Tactics and topics covered by Frank and Alan include:

*Overcoming internal forces which impact stress while holding oneself personally accountable for choosing a response to stress that empowers.

*Maneuvering your time, expertise, and experience in a way that elevates your personal and professional performance.

*Releasing attachment preferences and embracing change to fully show up in life and effectively pivot regardless of external circumstances.

*Employing emotional intelligence strategies to inform your daily course of action and the priorities you set for yourself.

*Recognizing effort and attitude as controllable factors and applying those skills to preparation as a driver of both confidence and ultimate performance.

*Using visualization techniques and future casting to achieve desired outcomes and integrating rest and recalibration to sustain performance long-term.

Each of these conversation points is covered in-depth and with personal passion on the part of both Frank and Alan, who translate these mindset skills into tangible lessons that financial advisors can use now to improve their personal, professional, and practice performance. This is a can’t miss episode of Advisor Talk and one that should be bookmarked and shared as the insights gained are applicable to everyone at every stage of their career and life.