Advisors who are attracted to the benefits of independence, the autonomy of business ownership, and the lucrative financial upside are taking the leap and starting their own RIA or broker-dealer. Once their firm is established; however, the question then becomes how does the firm scale in order to grow. For this, many broker-dealer and RIA firms seek to recruit new advisory talent but are unsure as to how to get started.


That’s where this episode of Advisor Talk bridges the gap. Listen as Elite Consulting Partners CEO Frank LaRosa and President Dale Dempsey breakdown the strategic action steps a RIA or broker-dealer need to take in order to attract and retain the right advisory talent to build a successful enterprise.


Topics covered include:

*the importance of preparing a business plan when establishing your RIA or broker-dealer and using it as your playbook when evaluating opportunities for growth.

*the pitfalls of the ‘what’s in it for me’ mindset of broker-dealer and RIA owners, how this inhibits attracting talent, and the importance of pivoting to a ‘what’s in it for them’ mentality.

*how telling your firm story and creating solid branding that illustrates who you are and the firm’s purpose can be game-changing when recruiting talent.

*understanding your competitive separators and leveraging this intelligence to effectively convey your value proposition to recruiting prospects.

*the imperative of investing in your business and your advisor talent in order to add value.


When you were an advisor, it was all about you. Now that you own an RIA or broker-dealer, it needs to be all about your team if you want to have the right advisors join your firm. Use this episode’s valuable insights to create pivotal shifts in your thinking and actions in order to level-up your entrepreneurial game and create positive ripple effects throughout your organization.