Unlock the secrets to thriving as a financial advisor! This week’s special live episode of Advisor Talk features the CEO of Elite Consulting Partners, Frank LaRosa, along with the CEO of Kuttin Wealth Management, Jon Kuttin, as the two longtime friends have a candid conversation. Get ready to dive deep as they discuss Jon’s extensive background with Ameriprise and the most pivotal lessons he has learned throughout his distinguished career in financial services.
Today’s show highlights include:
  • The importance of leadership skills in helping advisors advance to the next level.
  • How the right people and environment are crucial for advisors to excel.
  • The value of efficient technology when it comes to enhancing the client experience.
  • How economics will take care of themselves when advisors take charge of controllable factors.
  • The difference between success and significance and why advisors should strive for the latter.
Join Frank and Jon as they explore essential qualities to look for when hiring advisors, the impact of motivation and lifelong learning on workplace dynamics, and strategies to help advisors become exceptional leaders and businesspeople. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain actionable insights that can transform your practice and elevate your professional journey!