There is a clear trend across the financial services industry – an increasing emphasis on advisor mobility and career flexibility. This trend underscores the value placed on advisor autonomy and the ability to tailor one’s professional journey to achieve long-term success and fulfillment. 
In this week’s episode of Advisor Talk, Frank LaRosa is joined by Jodi Perry, the new National Head of Advisor Recruiting at Raymond James. With over 30 years of experience at Raymond James, Perry is passionate about recruiting and aims to leverage her expertise to enhance the firm’s recruitment strategies.
Key highlights from the discussion include:
*Perry’s excitement about her new role and vision for enhancing advisor recruitment at Raymond James.
*Insights into Raymond James’ diverse channels, which offer advisors the opportunity to grow from entry-level positions to owning their own businesses or broker-dealers.
*Why Raymond James places a heavy emphasis on defining the advisor’s role clearly and providing flexibility to transition between channels seamlessly.
*The importance of observing a firm’s culture during the recruitment process and keeping records of contracts and agreements.
*A discussion on the significance of understanding long-term goals before making career moves.
This engaging conversation between Frank and Jodi illustrates the importance of strategic career planning and due diligence for advisors navigating transitions. Listeners gain valuable insights into recruitment strategies, career growth tactics, and cultural alignment when exploring new opportunities in the financial services industry. Today’s episode equips advisors with the tools necessary to make informed decisions and advance their careers effectively and efficiently.